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The simplest way to build complex Discord bots.

SimplyDJS is a "third party" module which uses Discord.JS to implement some of the complex systems in few-lines

Made for Discord.JS v14

Developed by Rahuletto#0243

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Note: This package is not a part of Discord.js and its completely a separate third party package.

Why us ?

Designed for Developers

Ship more quickly with powerful and easy-to-use functions.

Why waste your time coding the system by yourself when you can implement our solutions with one-line of code

Get Started >
const simplydjs = require('simply-djs');
giveaway one-line

Transparent by default.

An Open-Source and Transparent Project that you can bet.

Do you think it's some shady code ? Don't worry, Our code is published in github. You can look into the code and bet on it.


Bug-free* environment

Code that is Rigorously tested and very stable

How do you think this package has nearly 400k+ downloads ? We maintain a strict testing to find bugs as idiotic as possible


Stuck ? Get Help >


Versatile Development.

Don't adapt. Let our systems adapt for you.

You saw us showcasing our one-line codes. But what about making it your own ? Worry no more, Make it yours with few tweaks.

const simplydjs = require('simply-djs');

simplydjs.giveaway(interaction, {
embed: {
title: "Giveaways",
description: "Are ya winnin son ?",
color: simplydjs.toRgb('#075FFF')

Most trusted 3rd party module**

69+ Github stars

400k+ Downloads

404+ Server members

1st May 2023

Try now !

The simplest way to build complex Discord bots.